The Neoortho intramedullary locking nail fixation system is divided in three different systems: Femur nail; Femoral trochanteric nail and Tibial nail. Nails and screws are made in titanium and they offer proximal and distal blocking possibilities, dynamic and static following surgical needs. Besides anatomical manufactured, they are available in different sizes and specifications, offering a fast and effective solution in terms of orthopeadic fractures recovering.

Femur nail
Femoral trochanteric nail
Tibial nail

Upper Limbs

This system can be used with locked screws and dynamic compression on the same plate. This system allows the surgeon to fix traditional or angular stability.

LS 3,5 T Plate
Clavicle Upper Plate
Clavicle Upper Plate
Medial Humerus Plate
Humerus Posterior Lateral Plate
Olecranon Plate
NCBS Plate
CBS Plate
Proximal Humerus Plate LS-UPLS
Narrow Plate LS 4,5
Plate Arthrodesis of the Wrist

Mini-micro and Radius Distal

The Fixing System of Special Plates and Blocked Screws for mini and micro fragments NeoorthoTM is composed of special plates designed to locked fixation surgery and recovery of small bones such as hand and foot (ends), and distal radius. Regarding the application of orthopedic surgical procedures acting as devices for fixation and small bone fragments and bone osteotomies with fractures recovery function, acting as stabilizers, bone fixation temporary fix. Can't be used as a substitute for normal structures of the human skeleton.

In a Distal Radius System, the volar plate can be used as a holder with a reduction in the "fragment cursed".

The plates for metacarpal and carpal system is locked in a DCP or only cortical screws, offering facilities to the surgeon during application.

Condylar Plate 1.5 / 2.0
Straight Plate 1.5
Y Plate
Rectangular Plate 1.5 / 2.0
Straight Plate 2.0 / 2.4
L 2.4 Plate
Side Plate 2.4
Condylar Plate 2.4 / 2.7
Volar Plate With Suport
Volar Plate Without Support
Volar Plate Simple
2.4 System
2.7 System
Screws Ø 2.4 e Ø 2.7 with lock and without lock
Screws Ø 2.4 without lock

Lower Limbs

The System Neofix Osteosynthesis is built of purely metal titanium implant or alloy (ASTM F136 or ASTM F67), for use in orthopedic surgeries of upper and lower limbs, and aims to fix the fractures and the correction of angular deformities.

LS Large Plate
Femur Osteotomy Plate
LIF Plate
Plate Lateral Tibia Osteotomies
Proximal Tibia Plate
LIT Plate
Heel Plate
Tibial Plate Pylon
Distal Tibia Plate
Narrow Plate LS 4.5
Semi-Tubular Plate
4.5 T Plate